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A Singaporean based in Malaysia, Dr Zarina Gurrahman, has been providing free meals for the homeless and needy in Johor and Kuala Lumpur out of her own pockets nearly two years ago. When the pandemic hit, the numbers of those in need grew rapidly and many are still struggling day to day. What started from her personally cooking and distributing meals with her family every weekend has now grown into the WeAreOne initiative, where she works with a team of food hawkers and community partners to prepare hot meals and basic necessities for families in need. WeAreOne symbolically represents our Singaporean beliefs system – regardless of race, language or religion and now, nation.

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With the generosity of Singaporeans, over $50,000 was raised in August 2021 to help the homeless and less fortunate in Malaysia. While we run our humanitarian efforts on the ground, we are proud to reach even further with the help of Singaporeans. Since then, more and more individuals have come forward seeking aid, especially families. Together, we can show our support in their time of need.

Click here to donate. is working with Dr Zarina to support #WeAreOne project. Your contributions will be directly channeled to Dr Zarina Gurrahman who will then prepare food aid boxes for families in Malaysia. For each box you contribute, a family will receive a month-long supply of: Rice, sugar, cooking oil, flour, bee hoon, sardine, tea, coffee, eggs, soy sauce, salt.

Kindly note a small portion of your donation will be used for expenses necessary to run the humanitarian efforts such as petrol, toll fee, food-aid boxes related admin and manpower to distribute the food aid boxes.


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