Synopsis: From the makers of Hanyut and Seksa, ScreenBox now presents  TESTIMONI – an 8-part docu-drama about youths’ personal and inspirational testimonial about their experiences and challenges towards making a change for healthier and cleaner living – from quitting smoking to abstaining from pre-marital sex/ promiscuity to quitting alcohol abuse.

Testimoni (Testimony) is a positive docu-drama series about Malay/Muslim celebrities who are in support of healthy lifestyle cause among youths. 8 celebrities have willingly come out on their own accord and out of passion for this cause (especially on specific issue which is very close to their hearts), to tell their stories and principles on 3 core issues – namely smoking, premarital sex and drinking.

This true and powerful account from youths will raise awareness of the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle as the profiles will show impact of these vices on their lives, of which some are irreversible. In addition, this docu-drama series will provide insights and tips for youths on how to manage stress and how to cope with peer pressure positively thus avoiding making life-altering mistakes that they will surely regret later in life.

Parents will also get tips and takeaways from this show as these cool young role models reveal how parents and family support have made them change for the better.

In more ways than one, Testimoni portrays a true story of hope for teenagers and that its never too late to make a change in life.

Testimoni airs on Suria 7 February onwards, 8.30pm.

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