The benefits of doing Umrah and looking at Kaabah

Salam everyone!

Good day. I just uploaded a new vlog on my Facebook page. I interviewed Ustaz Imam Nawawi when I was in Makkah. It was an amazing experience for me and my family. 

Fiji Update: I thought I let you know that we have just confirmed the itinerary for Fiji trip in September. You will be hearing from me regarding its travel package real soon. 

Cruise update: We are planning to go on another cruise this December. This time, we are planning to book the entire cruise for the Muslim community. In Shaa Allah, we hope it will go smoothly. 

I'm also conducting a book trailer video workshop this coming 19 February - you may go to my page for more information or just email me if you are keen. 

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Have a Blessed Friday ahead and a wonderful weekend. 


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