Our production team was overjoyed! We have completed these two productions!  Yesterday was the telecast of the last episode (for both Testimoni and Asian Peddlers).

For Testimoni, I want to thank all the celebrities namely Fiza O, Alyph (SleeQ), Elfaezah, Syarif (SleeQ), Hyrul AnuarNurul Aini, Norfasarie and Fauzie Laily for supporting the show with their testimonies.

Its great to be connected with all the celebrities as I have not met some of them for quite some time. And thanks to our clients Suria, Health Promotion Board and MDA too! For your information, we are now crunching the programme to have it screened on testimoni website. So if you missed some of the episodes, do login in future ya.

For Asian Peddlers, it was another enriching experience. It was not an easy task to manage all the case profiles and production in Asia but we did it again! Now we are packaging this programme for international distribution. Thanks to MDA, we now can let other viewers around the world enjoy this real-life documentary of undiscovered street chefs of Asia.

Stay tuned for more proggrammes from ScreenBox!

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