Are you sick of people closing the lift doors on you?

I say we GET RID of the “Door Close” buttons in all our lifts. Yes, this structural change will have a positive effect on how people behave in our lifts.

It has been done in other countries –  I saw it in Tangalooma Island, Australia. When I entered their lift, I searched high and low for the “door close” button. Don’t have lah. At first, I thought, maybe the lift was really old. But when I looked again, this “door close” function was deliberately left out – for a good reason. In fact, it was brilliant!

I had no choice but to wait about 5 seconds for the lift to close. Patience level went up automatically. And since there was only “door open” button, a user had only one choice – to open the door to another user. No more closing the door on anyone’s face.  Don’t you hate it when someone close the door on you? Anyway, what’s the rush, right?

That is the problem actually, we want everything to work in Singapore double quick time. No time to wait.  This “door close” button worked against the kindness movement.

With no “door close” button, we will be more patient waiting for the lift to close. Thus, we become more patient to let someone in, or out. i.e. more kind lah… *wink*!

I hope some mall operators in Singapore can start this change and be a pioneer in making people more gracious, especially on our lift etiquette. Perhaps HDB can test this idea in their new generation flats.

If you support this idea, just share it with someone. I hope it gets to the Kindness Movement team for their consideration.

I wonder what else can we get rid of?….

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