I met the final two last weekend at the High School Musical concert.

Like all parents, I was doing everything I can to get my girls’ photo taken with their idols. Aiyo, so “kan chiong” gitu.

Sylvia approached my 1-year old baby and shook hands with her. I didnt know it was Sylvia until I came nearer.

Then Sezairi came and I saw the whole Idols entourage behind him as well.. Duane, Tabitha, Monaque…and surprise..surprise.. I saw old friends from MediaCorp Pho Choo and Rahmat with them (Poh Choo is Singapore Idol Show’s Programme Manager… Rahmat is the Executive Producer  *wink* *wink* hope to get tickets lah)

Anyway, I sense the anxiety and excitement in them to give their best on the night of 27 Dec. And salute to their patience taking all that photos with their fans. (Its going to like this from now onwards for you guys, so keep that smiles up.)

I conveyed my best wishes to both of them, but in my mind, I do wonder whether Singapore will have our first female Idol? Don’t you think it will be interesting?

And I also wonder how the record company will sell our 3rd Idol (who happens to be another Melayu), if Sezairi wins. Let’s ask ourselves whether our first two Idols are breaking grounds in neigbouring countries. Dont’ get me wrong, I love our first two Idols and I think they making some headway in the region. But I just feel they can be bigger – if we market them right.

Sometimes I feel we need to review how we are really pushing our first two Idols in the neigbouring countries.

Well, I hope they can bring Sezairi (if he wins) to a new star level in this region. Else, I think we need to appoint a new player who knows this region well. Don’t you think so?

My vote will go to the Idol that can unite Singapore and represent us in any country.

To Sylvia and Sezairi: Best of luck and make us proud.

Who will you vote?

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