Searching for that gift

Alhamdulillah my eldest daughter is 14 years old today. I can still remember we couldn't conceive her until after 6 years of marriage. So you can imagine how we reacted when she finally arrived. Syukur.

Qistina grew up to be a caring and thoughtful daughter. Whenever someone in our family celebrates his or her birthday, she will make sure our gifts are prepared weeks before the actual day - she just love getting (sometimes hand-made) the gift everyone would enjoy.

So when it's her birthday, I wanted to give her the gift she requested much earlier. She asked whether I could get her a small portable Polaroid printer. Little did I know, this printer was not sold in any retail store in Singapore. But, Alhamdulillah, after many enquiries and browsing, I found one place in Singapore that supplied the printer.

This was my vlog yesterday when I surprised her with the gift:

To my daughter, I wish for all your dreams to come true and May Allah guides you till Jannah.

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