I really like the connection between Science and Qur’an. I was searching hard for more of such content and I was so happy I stumbled into these videos on youtube. They were well produced and truly eye-opening.

Do share with me any other similar links.

Enjoy these. Subhanallah!

Part 1: The Creation of Universe

Part 1: The Creation of Universe

Part 2: The Expansion of Universe

Part 3: Orbits

Part 4: The Protected Roof

Part 5: The Returning Sky

Part 6: The Layers of Atmosphere

Part 7: The function of Mountains

Part 8: The Mystery in Iron

Part 9: The Proportion of Rain

Part 10: The Seas’ Not Mingling With One Another

Part 11: The Sex of a Baby

Part 12: Fingerprints

Part 13: The Wrapping of Muscles Over the Bones

Part 14: Three Stages of Baby in the Womb

Part 15: Word Repetitions

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