Its finally ready!

After brewing it for one year, we have completed the recording of this business audio starter’s kit.

Ok here’s the background: Abang Abu & myself have been compiling tips and other useful information on how you can kick-start your business in a 10 audio CD recording. In each audio CD we shared, in detail, about all the things you need to know – from starting, running to marketing a business. We also shared topics like marketing, advertising, media and most importantly, getting your customers.

I personally like CD number 10:

In CD 10, we interviewed Ustaz Syed Mustafa Alsagoff and he shared how all of us can aspire to be a great Muslim entrepreneur; how one should conduct themselves in business and ensure the business is blessed by Allah.

You can now download the MP3 format of the first audio CD recording – it’s 73 minutes long.

This first audio CD is FREE! And if you like it, you can pre-order the full 10-audio CD program from either me or Abang Abu. We will let you know the price and how you can order very very soon. Enjoy the sampling!

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