Attended the Media Business Forum organised by MDA last thursday and there’s so much to look forward to for year 2009 (and beyond)!

I guess all the media players were relieved to hear that MDA is increasing the hours and pumping more funds into the industry for the next 5 years.

It’s really a great time to be in the media industry. If you are into TV, Film-making, Music, Interactive Digital Media, Games or publishing, it will be cool to take that idea and make it happen in Singapore.

It’s also a great time to collaborate with other media players too. We can do more with our combined resources. I managed to discuss collaboration ideas with some experienced players in this industry and we all agree that collaboration is long overdue. You will see more companies working together during this tough times.

If you have been making media content on the side, its time to make it visible. Multi-platform is key.

Make, share & distribute.

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