Sometimes in life you feel that you can be alone and go through life, thinking that other people's view don't matter. While some opinions from others do not deserve our attention, there are views that we need to listen to and check ourselves very closely. Especially views from loved ones. 

Bottom line is we can't be alone and hope things will fall into the right places. We need to bounce off our ideas with other people and we need people around us to share our sorrows and happiness and our fears too. We also need our close ones to tell us when we go astray or overboard and also when we need assurances. We need people to share our small successes or epic failures. We need the right people to move on, and to move on the right path. This is an age-old cure for humanity. We all need it at some level. So go out there and make a genuine connection with someone and seek worthy friends. Keep the faith.  

#myreflection #togetherness #TrustAllah #knoweachother

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