I went to Jakarta for a Media Business Mission with Media Development Authority (MDA) from 27 May to 30 May ’09. Three production houses (including mine), MediaCorpTV12′s CEO (Ong Lay Hong) and Suria’s SVP (Suhaimi Jais) were there for this trip.

It was really worth the time and money spent! If you are running a business and the Government wants you to follow them for a business mission, you gotta go!…it will open doors.

I went to Jakarta 12 years back and I must say its really clean. Stayed at the Grand Hyatt and their service was really good.

We went to few TV stations and I just managed to snap some shots during the Dahsyat live show in RCTI. Its a music show telecast in the morning. Its so popular that they strip it daily for about 2 hours. That’s unheard of! Everyday, popular Indonesian bands and singers will perform. There are just so many talents there!

I tell you, the Indonesian audience really know how to hooray-hooray. The crowd was really happening! And the 3 hosts were really good. And Singapore left our mark in the show. While we were there, the hosts pulled MDA officers into the show! I have photos below…you can see Mr Yeo Chun Cheng (Director of Broadcast & Music) and Mr Khalid Abdul Samad (Manager of Broadcast and Music) in some of the photos. Cool.

Overall, Jakarta best! And I will definitely go again… this time with family.

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