Yes! ScreenBox has just set up a video club – we named it Reel Friends of ScreenBox.

We are having a FREE seminar to let you know more about RFOS on 7 March (sunday), 2.45pm at the Woodlands Regional Library. Just register at to secure your seats.

In the seminar, we will also be showcasing the upcoming March 2010 holiday programmes that we have in store for you. So if you’re parents and you want your child to experience a unique holiday programme, come to the free seminar and find out more.

Here’s the official Reel Friends of ScreenBox logo:

Yes, I am very excited that we have formalised this video club.

You see I have been conductingstoryboard and video classes in some schools on ad-hoc basis. And we do have requests to conduct more classes. So I thought best we set up a proper club for those who are keen to learn the ropes from real TV producers.

Ok let me give a run down of what Reel Friends of ScreenBox is all about.

It has always been ScreenBox’s intention to build a community of junior, budding and professional producers and share our knowledge in real television-making. As a company, we felt this is important.

We want to encourage as many young individuals to join Reel Friends of ScreenBox  and equip themselves with relevant TV and video skills and knowledge so as to capture any opportunity in this growing media industry. I have personally experienced this growth and I hope more young and creative individuals out there will do the same.

Things are just going to get bigger and bigger in the media industry. So learn the ropes now.

And learning TV-related enrichment programmes is fun too!

So do join Reel Friends of Screenbox, a video club dedicated to teaching you all you need to know about the TV industry, from all aspects of preproduction to presentation! From producing, storyboarding, directing, scripting, documentaries – no stone is left unturned as we give you a hands on experience in the fields of television, public speaking, team building and so much more! From amateurs to students to families to budding docu-makers – all ages are welcome to learn in Reel Friends of Screenbox (RFOS)!

So how do you become a Reel Friend of Screenbox?

It’s simple: At just $20 a year, members can gain one-stop access into the world of TV production. You will participate in specially customized TV-related enrichment programmes, exciting outdoor shooting trips, documentary tours for the whole family, be part of innovative docu-maker competitions and many more specialized learning packages! Not only that, you get to be behind-the-scenes and try your hand at video production, and get discounts on many offers of RFOS! Plus, you get a snazzy exclusive RFOS T-shirt and Membership Card! What more could you ask for from this amazing deal? Join now!

If you an educator and would like your students to benefit from our enrichment programmes, do message me. We have a package membership for schools.

Here are some of the TV-related enrichment programmes:

Reel Producers Programme

You’ve seen the television programmes on screen, now it’s your time to be create your own videos and documentaries! Get behind-the-scenes with the Reel Producers Programme!

Reel Journalist Programme

Get the latest scoop and put on your best reporter’s hat as we find out the ins and outs of the Broadcast News industry, from doing standuppers to reporting newsworthy stories and more with the Reel Journalist Programme!

Reel Presenters Programme

Fancy yourself as the next big star on television? Join the Reel Presenters programme as we show you how to exude confidence and personality to charm the audience!

Reel Junior/Budding Programme

Attention students and schools! You can never be too young to learn about the TV industry! The Reel Junior/Budding Programme aims to teach the youth on the world of production in a fun and easy to understand manner! Perfect for those aged 10-17!

Reel Scripting Programme

Learn the art of story-telling in this special programme. Find out what it takes to write a documentary or an info-ed, from crafting a narrative to getting the right research and linking interviews together with a theme!

Reel Storyboard Programme

We show you the process of visually crafting a tale with this innovative approach to story-telling! We teach you how to visualize the story flow on paper, and how to increase content and spark your imagination from print to screen!

Reel Docu Tour (Available from June 10 onwards)

Enjoy this family tour with a twist! Co-organized with a travel agency, both parents and children can have fun overseas, as the parents indulge in shopping, and the Reel Juniors learn how to shoot a documentary on location! Everyone has a great time –and you have a memory of your trip, specially created by you!

Reel Team Building (Available from July 2010 onwards)

Forget the clichéd workshops and outdoor physical activities, this is team building with a twist! Corporate clients can learn the art of team building from organization to communication skills and even planning by learning how to work in a production! Build bonds with your colleagues and find your individual strengths and how to work well in a team in this unique package!

I hope to see you at the seminar! Do share this with friends who might be interested.

Thank you.

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