Infaq Ramadan Updates

Alhamdulillah, this morning we managed to send the Infaq food boxes to some of the recipients. Thank you so much for those who have come forward to sponsor each box. There are 300 boxes arriving this week and we are making more deliveries throughout Ramadan.

If you would like to sponsor a box (SGD100 each), you can support this project here:

Last day to donate is 11 JUNE 2018.

Nenek Selma
Jumiah Junid
Azmi Mohamed

This is my company's (ScreenBox) Ramadan project to benefit disadvantage families residing in Singapore. You can infaq (donate) $100 per box and we will deliver the box full of dry food, spices, cordial drinks and many more to the beneficiaries. We are working with mosques and non-profit organisations to send the boxes you have sponsored directly to the recipients or through the organisations/mosques that has collaborated with us.

Watch the project video here

 Items in the box: 6 packets of Mak Ayie spices, 2 tins of Crispo Sweetened Creamers, 2 tins of Crispo Evaporated Milk, 2 tins of Pertima Sardines, 1 box of Frutreat Fruit Cake, 1 box of Copbiz Cranberry Chocolate Chip Cookies, 2 bottles of Afdal cordial drinks, 4 packets of Mak Siti spices, 1 Promex Chocomex, 1 Promex Instant Oatmeal, 1 Topvalu Instant Rice Ketupat & 1 Crispo Nutritious Cereal.




Salam.. Boleh tak says mendapat bantuan untuk bulan Ramadhan. Saya mempunyai 2org anak berumur 9 & 6. Suami saya pula tidak bekerja lagi selama 4 tahun yang lepas. Dia mempunyai pelbagai penyakit. Dia pesakit brain stroke tapi affect left eye. (blind left eye). Jantung pula 26% functioning. Dia juga ada pacemaker. Now pulak kena appointment untuk kidney. Harap2 awak dapat membantu saya. Tq



Salam Sujimy
Bagaimana cara utk saya apply Infaq Ramadan?Saya seorang ibu tunggal n 4 org anak 3 masih sekolah n saya tk blh berkerja kerana kesihatan saya.

Noorazmi Bin Noor'ain

Noorazmi Bin Noor'ain

Salam Abg Sujimy. For project infaq ramadhan, i have a candidate which u can consider. He has been suffering for about 6 years. Not working. On dialysis. His wife is the sole breadwinner. He have 3 kids. Semoga projek ini goes well. My doas and respect to all of you.

Nama : Shyrull
Alamat : Blk 103 Tampines St 11 #04-25 S520103
No tel : 87516490

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