Some of my clients and contacts asked me: “why do we get your emails at 3 or 4 in the morning?” I told them that’s the best time to work. No interruptions and the subconscious mind is working at its best. I read that your thoughts and intent can crystallize better when subconscious mind is performing at its optimum.

Ever since I got kids, I was trying to get more quality time – for my kids, my family and for myself. In the beginning, it was not easy to juggle I tell you. But over time you begin to find ways to maximize your 24 hours daily.

This is how my schedule looks like on a weekday:

3am: I wake up to clear my emails and proposals. Do my prayers and ponder how I can make the best of my day. How can I do this everyday? Well, I sleep really early around 9am. That’s when I make my kids sleep too. So I have good 6 hours (well, depending how often my baby wakes up for milk).

6am: After morning prayers I will sleep till 8am. So my total sleep time is 8 hours.

8am: Attend to my kids when they wake up. Look at their homework and catch up on what they need. Will do this till around 10 am.

10am: Head to office.

10am to 5pm: Usually for meetings, clients and my team. Sometimes I will squeeze in reading time and watch movies with my wife or friends.

5 – 6pm: Head home to freshen up.

6.30pm: Fetch my daughter from School.

7pm: Fetch my other kids from my in-laws.

8 – 9pm: Laze around with my kids either reading or simply monkeying around.

9pm: Get everybody to bed so I can work later in the morning.

I realize that I get to do a lot with my existing schedule just by changing my sleeping pattern. I get to be with the people I love and get to do the thing I love most.

I think when my kids are older, I will change my sleeping pattern again. Some asked me how I get use to this pattern… Well, we are creatures of habit – sure can do.

Make it work.

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