Many things have happened from the last time I blogged. The passing of an Icon “Moonwalk” MJ, increase of H1N1 cases here (time to wear mask openly and voluntarily actually) and news after news about the economy may or may not recover (oh it is just so confusing)…  

I was busy pitching for projects to make sure we get constant flow of jobs… Just so busy this time. But I was so happy that I got to celebrate many occasions at the same time. So before I forget to savour the moment, I shall burn it online.

First I celebrated my wife’s birthday. Brought her to Equinox to makan (Westin Stamford). Good buffet spread. But I tell you the scenery from top floor was just breathtaking! Trust me, if you taking your love ones there, they will be thrilled at the view. Here are some pictures.

Then Mother’s Day came.

My mom has more than 30 grandchildren. Couldn’t be a better day to celebrate!

My kids threw a small gift party for my wife on mother’s day. They did the same for me on father’s day. My daughter’s birthday came….. and in the middle of all that, we squeezed in a trip to KL and Port Dickson…wow…Non-stop celebration!

Why wait to celebrate right? I mean yeah the economy is bad, yeah the flu strain is still here. Let’s just celebrate what we can. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying everything is rosy for me or I’m immune to the recession. My company is bracing the recession and we doing what we can to come out of it stronger. But then again, let’s celebrate what is happening around you NOW. Don’t dwell the past and the future can sometimes wait.

Live it.

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