I am very happy that this year we get the opportunity to be involved in another worthy cause. This year, our company, ScreenBox is helping Muhammadiyah Welfare Home (MWH) to build a Media Room for their residents. We can do a lot with this Media Room.

Once it is ready, we plan to teach the boys in MWH (on pro-bono basis) storyboarding, news reporting and more as part of our Reel Friends of Screenbox Programme to aid with their storytelling and writing skills. You can also join us to share and impart knowledge.

The residents of MWH are talented and we just want to help them attain the exposure and leads so they can find their own way once they leave the home.

The amount we are sourcing for MWH is SGD22,000. MWH will use this fund to purchase:

  1. Four Final Cut Pro Machines
  2. Furnitures
  3. Renovation services
  4. Camera and basic lighting

We are seeking from Corporate Sponsors to support this noble cause. Corporate may choose to sponsor a one-time tier of S$2000, S$5000 or S$10000 of the full amount of S$22,000. (All funds to be contributed directly to MWH)

If you'd like to find out how to adopt MWH Media Room and have your company name acknowledged in Media Room, do let me know.

Please help us to spread this happiness. This is the video we produced to showcase the project.

If you'd like to find our about about MWH, here's their website: http://mwh.muhammadiyah.org.sg/ MWH is located at: 58 Bedok North Street 3, Singapore 469624 Contact numbers: 63447551/ 63456113

Do share this project with your contact and I strongly believe with your support, we can make this happen for the residents of MWH.

Have a good week!

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