Books I Distribute

Books I Distribute

When I met the author (Sallina Ismail) and read her first book “The Science of Allah”, the book just blew me away! So I decided to get the rights for 3 of her recent books. (I have the rights to sell these books in Singapore only. Those outside Singapore can purchase from author’s website.)

The Secret Of Solat

by: MARYAM (Sallina Ismail)

Synopsis: This book will assist you to understand how spiritual Solat works and the miracles enfolding it. Solat is about experiencing the Light. Light is one of Allah’s attributes which allows for the possibility of intelligence to unfold from a Godlike nature awakening perspective – to be spiritually illuminated and remove the veils that block us – to create deeper meaning of life.

Solat is not just about moving your body all day long, its about emerging your greater Self from poverty to Power and intelligence.

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The Secret Of Hajj

by: MARYAM (Sallina Ismail)

Synopsis: This book will assist you to understand the inner message of Hajj for the makeover of your mould. Hajj is the exact science of how life works. Nothing else can be added to its fundamental principles and if you remove any of it, failure will result.

If you follow strictly the sacredness inscribed in its path, you will be Perfect, revealing the Beauty, Splendor, Majesty and Glory of your Soul.

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Minda Magick

Best seller on

by: MARYAM (Sallina Ismail) 

Mengenai buku ini: Teka-teki kehidupan & bagaimana meraih dalam permainannya! Amat mudah menarik rahmat Allah swt. mencipta harta kekayaan, kebahagiaan dunia & akhirat, ketenangan abadi, membangun keajaiban diri, kepintaran spiritual, dari bermasalah kepada soleh-beriman-berilmu-pintar-bijaksana, rezeki tidak disangka-sangka, dari sakit kronik kepada sihat sejahtera, dari zero kepada pencipta keajaiban, dari minda biasa-biasa kepada minda transenden dan kembali kepada Allah swt dengan jiwa yang tenang dan bersyukur. Kaedah ringkas dan secara bersahaja, simple tetapi tersangat powerful!

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The following books are written by Nurhafihz Noor. He is the editor of He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration with a specialization in marketing from the National University of Singapore. He is also a Member of The Chartered Institute of Marketing (MCIM), a Chartered Islamic Marketer (CIMA) with the International Islamic Marketing Association (IIMA) and is a Certified Islamic Finance Executive (CIFE). In addition, he has authored three books, a publication in an academic journal and presented a paper at the 4th Global Islamic Marketing Conference in Istanbul Turkey. 

I met him when we worked together for the marketing of Zakat campaign for Muis. A hardworking and detail-oriented man.

                                         Super Da'wah

by: Nurhafihz Noor (Marketing Activist)

Synopsis: How to Invite Super Crowds to Your Super Message, the author argues why popularity is necessary for effective da’wah. He then shows us how to bridge the chasm between da’wah and the science of marketing in this new book. With real-life examples and easy-to-follow case studies, this fun yet insightful book gives a fresh perspective on effective da’wah through a marketing lens. It presents a practical guide of how asatizah or anyone who wishes to harness the power of large crowds to spread a meaningful message can utilize marketing to improve their da’wah and outreach.

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40 Hadith Reflections on Marketing and Business

Many books have been written on the sayings and actions of the Prophet. Called hadith, past scholars have often compiled these in collections of 40 for its blessings, easy remembrance and application.

Inspired by their great works and the athar or narration of ‘Umar bin Al-Khattab which stresses the need for the businessman to know his religion and religious rulings concerning commerce before engaging in business, this book is a collection of 40 hadith with reflections from a marketing and business perspective. It attempts to uncover the many hidden gems of good business practices found in the hadith for the marketer and business owner to be guided from in order to succeed in this world and the hereafter. While magnum opuses such as Sahih Al-Bukhari and Sahih Muslim already contain chapters on business transactions, this book also includes other aspects of marketing such as strategy, product creation, distribution, human communications, measurement and management. The reader will be amazed to find the prophet advising us on seemingly modern marketing concepts and techniques some 14 centuries ago. Hence, this book was written for the marketer who wants to know how to do his marketing and run his business well, and who is also interested to discover some of the hidden gems of marketing in Islam.

Buy now at $18.50

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