Bila makanan terbuang.

Ever wondered how you can do your part to save our dying planet? Do you feel as if your contributions are insignificant to this big blue globe? We're here to tell you, every little effort counts. Rallying Muslims all over the world to a single proactive unified cause to save the environment.

This year, Project #GreenUmmah brings you a new production, from the next phase in our campaign - Reduce Food Waste. A joint effort with Sujimy Mohamad , we aim to create awareness about the stark amount of food that goes to waste each year, locally and worldwide. Let us work together to take only what we need and reduce food waste.

Come join us in our movement. Support our cause. Be an ambassador of Project #GreenUmmah.


Project #GreenUmmah is a go-green campaign with the objective of promoting green practices to reduce the use of water and also cut down on waste by starting to take a more active role in caring for the environment and in following the sunnah of Rasullah SAW.

Rasullullah SAW practiced life in moderation. Never one to waste, he is the exemplary human being we should all aim to emulate. In Project #GreenUmmah, we aim to further emphasise the need to save water and reduce waste - something which has already been reiterated before by many other organisations. This will serve as a reminder to all that caring for the environment, is a continuous cause and not a one-off solution. One where we can empower and educate our future generation to carry on and lead the change toward better lifelong habits.

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