Here's what I told them.

It is a misconception that Malays watch less TV during Ramadan. Most people say TV viewership would drop during Ramadan and this could be due to Malay/Muslim viewers going to the mosques for their terawih (prayers).

Historical data has it that we spend MORE TV TIME during fasting month. Strange? It is even more surprising that we watch more TV during Ramadan month than any other month in the year. No one can attribute the reason for it.

It could be that during Ramadan, we have less outdoor activities, so we remain indoors. It could also be that TV stations are offering more exciting programming during Ramadan period.

So my answer to all advertisers, you should advertise on TV during Ramadan because there will be unprecedented viewership during this month. You cannot lose.

ramadanmubarak ramadanmubarak

But make sure your TV ad is catchy and relevant enough for the Malay/Muslim viewers because there will also be an increase in TV ads during this month. Understandably so as many advertisers are cashing in during this festive period.

I say frequency of TV ads takes priority over its duration.

Go for short TV ads but spread it frequently over the entire primetime belt. Don't underestimate the non-primetime hours as well - these graveyard hours are now being picked up by Malay viewers during the low daytime-activity period.

I also suspect that online activities will increase, especially lunchtime hours (or no-lunch hour). So if you are selling stuff on social media network, update your status frequently during this time.

Exciting TV programmes and less outdoor activities contribute to an increase in TV viewership during Ramadan -  good for advertisers.  But I wonder whether higher viewership leads to lower visitorship to our mosques?

Ramadan Mubarak Everyone :)

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