I met couple of students recently and they asked me why ScreenBox did not go into movies.

It seems a natural progression to go into movie-making after 10 years producing TV programmes. But I tell you, producing a movie is a different ball game.

Sure anyone who is passionate about making a movie can get into it. But what are you doing it for? Money? Message? or simply hobby? Whatever the reason, you need money and a good distribution network to get your movie noticed.

We have been studying the movie market closely and talked to few movie makers in the region. But there's a certain kind of movie that ScreenBox would like to go for. True stories. We love to inspire viewers with real stories.

We have explored a few pitches but none comes close to what we are looking for.

Moreover, it's key that we get our distribution network up first before taking a plunge. A bad movie can sell in a good distribution network. A good movie can get unnoticed in a weak distribution network.

So, let's get a good story first. I am waiting, patiently, for the right one to come.

Have a great week everyone!

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